Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Around the Commune: Where are you guys?

I'm sure that's what you're asking yourself. What's going on with the garden? How are all the plants? Yes, yes. Here's an update.

Mx moved out. He got a great oppuetunity to go to law school and off he went. Congratulations, Mx!

When Mx moved out, Kv took is place upstairs.

Mt, not to be outdone, is getting ready to move off to India (with a quick stopover in Okinawa, Japan first). :sigh: We all hate him now because he's just soooo much cooler than us. :pout: (<3 you, Mt!)

This all means that Nk has the back apartment all to himself (soon).

Jn has a new job lined up to start soon. Congratulations, Jn!

Al, Rb, and I are just doing our everyday thing. Nothing super new or special here.

So now you know what we are all up to... you probably want to know about the garden:

Well... we live in Texas and it's ridiculously hot these days. So, being the lazy hippies we mostly are, there isn't a lot getting done with the garden. We decided to skip our July planting and wait until the heat has dispersed and we will actually do the projects we want to do.

Right now we are barely managing to water the plants we have and pick the food they give us.

Also, Jn has saved some of our cucumber and jalapeno seeds. He's going to try to plant them and see what happens. And our tomato plants that were looking bad are looking better after a treatment with ash.

Stay cool!

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