Friday, May 29, 2009

Green and More Green, Now With Even More Green!

Our yard/garden is looking amazingly green!

Front yard (w/ close-up):

Side garden:

In the side garden, we've got more green peppers than my excitement can tolerate!

And we have even more green tomatoes! I just love watching these little guys grow!


I suppose that if 3/4 of the commune attends an event it is worthy of blogging. So, here are just a few highlights of our trip to Flipside:

More success!

We're currently experiencing much success around our little commune garden. Here are some of my favorite examples:

Jn's apple tree:

This little guy was the one being attacked by aphids. Now it's aphid-free and shooting out new leaves!

This pecan tree:

While I suppose it's not really a success of any sort, Jn pulled it up accidentally yesterday and decided to plant it in a pot and see what happens. I suppose it's successful in that it stayed out of the compost heap.


That's right! We have some strawberries that are almost ready to eat! (I have no idea if they'll taste good, but still...)

We have two beauties like this one that are days away from being pickable. And we also have another that is just behind those.

There are also several budding strawberries that I have high hopes for.


Not only do I have a baggie full of green beans in my refrigerator waiting for enough to gather for a pot.

We also are about to get our first batch of these purple green beans! (Apparently they grow, as you can see, purple, but once they are cooked will be green and taste just like the others we have.)


We don't have very much parsley (which is a shame). But what we planted certainly is looking (and smelling) delicious.

Tabbouleh, here we come!


We have several tomatoes (about 12) that we transplanted (about 3 to a bucket) when they were seedlings that were bound to be transplanted again into hanging buckets when we had our supplies ready.

For over a month now, we have had said supplies and have not made the needed transplants. This has led us to many unhappy tomato plants, root-bound to their comrades, wilting and dying.

Yesterday, we finally got enough motivation to at least give up on some of those plants and pull them out of their tiny overcrowded tubs, allowing room for a single plant to try to make it.

On top of that, we also managed to get another two (for a total of three) tomatoes planted in the buckets for hanging!

Yeah for productivity! Let's see if any of those plants can get a new start!

As for the tomatoes in the side garden, they are all growing amazingly. Our two cherry tomato plants have something like 40 tomatoes a piece on them right now (not ready to eat but tiny and growing nonetheless). Altogether, I counted 119 baby tomatoes that have started so far (and 40 baby peppers)!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back from Flipside... so much to update!

So much can happen in a week... (well, almost 2 since I last blogged).

Here's a rundown on the garden:

First the beans:
Yummy purple 'green' beans are sprouting to add to our collection of green beans (the green kind) that we've had popping up. We've had lots of these little guys, the first fruits of our labor (well, other than lettuce and microgreens).
The plan for all these beans (to be fair to the communites) is to pick them all as they are ready, store them appropriately (cleaned, wrapped in paper towels, stored in a zipped plastic bag in the fridge). Then, once we have enough little beanies for a pot that will feed us all, we'll cook them up and split them between us. This solves the problem of having to mete them out little by little and still make sure everyone gets a fair amount.

Tomato saga:
Before we left, I pulled the tomato plant out of the front garden and transplanted it into a bucket. Our only tomato in a bucket so far, though we had plans for 12 or so. (This tomato needed to be transplanted before we left because it was accidentally planted in the front garden with plants that do not like tomatoes. The other tomatoes needed to be replanted too because they are dying from being so root-bound, but... :sigh: they may be lost.

Unfortunately, a few days later, as we were about to leave, the tomato plant showed signs that it wasn't going to make it. Droop, droop, die.

HOWEVER, upon our triumphant return, the little guy had pulled through and started to grow new leaves!


Jn bought this geranium (and another just like it) that have been grown with citronella. Here at the commune we have something of a mosquito problem and we're hoping these little guys will help. They looked soooo good before we left but we came back and they were all brown leaves and sadness.
Let's hope some extra water, some trimming (which a lot of our garden needs), and a bit of shade will fix them up.
We're also trying to grow more geraniums from cuttings (see below). As well as trying to get some peach trees growing by 'stealing' some fruit from a tree down the street and planting the seeds (also see below).

Brussel sprouts have erupted from the ground and are looking strong. This is my first try with Brussels, so I'm :crossingmyfingers:!

Also, the mint seems to be springing back, much to my surprise!

On a very happy note, we have lots of little tomatoes (so far only cherry) and peppers (both bell and hot). Even cucumber flowers have graced our presence.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

4 days and counting...

Burning Flipside is almost here and T'rrst Camp is rushing to get ready.

Al and Mx will be in charge of keeping the homestead safe and healthy (the garden growing and the cats alive) while the rest of us head out to terrorize Burners.

This is T'rrst Camp's first Flipside together (though we've jihad'd Myschevia and Freezer Burn/Teaserburn). Now, we've even got our own business cards. :D (Great job, Rb!)

Hula hoops, AlKy-47's, a shade structure, a bar, an obstacle course, and sponge bomb vests are all in the works, but with 4 days left until we leave... ???


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Growing garden

How does our garden grow?

With a vengeance!
Our side garden is verdant and bushy!
Our front garden is starting to produce!

The strawberries have some tiny berries starting to grow, but I don't know that they'll be any good. We'll see how they turn out.

The beans, on the other hand, will be feeding us very soon!

We've also got lots of peppers on the way and 3-4 tomato buds.

I thought mint was easy to grow...

But apparently it's not invulnerable.

Our mint had been looking amazing: full and luscious.

But now it's hardly a shell of its former self. It's yellowy leaves and brittle stems wither away and fall off. :( There are some little bugs in the dirt but they aren't easily identifiable.

Our plan... I believe... is to uproot them, wash them off, and replant them. But this probably won't be done between now and the end of May.

Here's hoping they survive!

Apples or Aphids?!

Our sweet little apple tree (well, Jn's) recently became the home of a ant cow farm. Those little buggers where milking a plethora of aphids. Gar!!!

Get off our yummy plant!

What will we do? (Well, what did we do?)

Jn went after them with a spray bottle of Bronner's and then I hosed 'em down.

There may still be one or two left that will need another beating, but I feel mighty successful anyway! (Those guys were no-fooling hard to get a picture of...)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Around the Commune: T'rrists

With only 14 days left 'til Flipside, the T'rrists gathered for pictures and silliness.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our blossoming garden

Around the Commune: Rain and Beer

Last weekend, most of the commune (6 out of 8, missed you Rb and Al) and a couple of friends headed out to Kv's family's lake house to shoot guns, drink beer, play in the mud, and generally have a great little vacation. (Thx Kv!)

It's been crazy rainy lately (woo!) and the lake was much fuller than I have ever seen it. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

<- This pretty much sums up the weekend. The lake, the doggies, the beer, the ammo, the guns... who could ask for anything more!

But wait... that's not all. We also scored a fridge for brewing!