Friday, May 29, 2009

More success!

We're currently experiencing much success around our little commune garden. Here are some of my favorite examples:

Jn's apple tree:

This little guy was the one being attacked by aphids. Now it's aphid-free and shooting out new leaves!

This pecan tree:

While I suppose it's not really a success of any sort, Jn pulled it up accidentally yesterday and decided to plant it in a pot and see what happens. I suppose it's successful in that it stayed out of the compost heap.


That's right! We have some strawberries that are almost ready to eat! (I have no idea if they'll taste good, but still...)

We have two beauties like this one that are days away from being pickable. And we also have another that is just behind those.

There are also several budding strawberries that I have high hopes for.


Not only do I have a baggie full of green beans in my refrigerator waiting for enough to gather for a pot.

We also are about to get our first batch of these purple green beans! (Apparently they grow, as you can see, purple, but once they are cooked will be green and taste just like the others we have.)


We don't have very much parsley (which is a shame). But what we planted certainly is looking (and smelling) delicious.

Tabbouleh, here we come!


  1. Hey Terrorist, it's Whim.

    I hope your decompression is going well. Last night the one thing I wanted most was to be back at Flipside.

    The photo booth pictures are online. These people look familiar. . .

    Oh, I'm on Facebook now:

  2. Hi Whim! Decompression is... happening. :P

    It isn't that bad because we were gone for almost a full week (that's a lot of vacation) and our home is just like T'rrist camp but with indoor plumbing and private rooms.

    I dig those pics. I looked at all of them (even saw yours)! Burners sure are an interesting group of people!!