Friday, March 27, 2009

Gardening: Step 1: Prepare a bed (or two)

Though some of our gardening will be in containers, we were able to find (and get approval for) two good-sized beds that get (we hope) plenty of sun.

One is on the east side of the house and only gets partial sun, due to the shadow of the houses nearby.

This bed, once full of small brush and weeds, was cleared out in a matter of minutes. (See, not all hippies are lazy.)

We also put up a long 2x4 to act as an edge to the bed. Today, Mt even aerated it so that it is ready for planting!

The soil here is lush and just begging for our seedlings!

Our other bed needs quite a bit more work before it will be ready. In the front yard, there lies a beautiful (and well-positioned) bed, but alas, it is (was) full of trees. Not even trees, really, but the dreaded holly bush!

Amazingly, we managed to get approval from our landlord to remove these trees/bushes and plant here. Now all we have to do is remove a bunch of trees.

... ... ...

Yeah. I'll leave that to the guys...

Here are the "in progress" pictures:

After the first session:

Here, they've just cut down the bulk of the trees, but the stumps, oh the stumps, remain. (This was done on Saturday.)

Now/After the second session:

In a surprising Friday afternoon twist, Kv, Jn, and Mt pulled out one stump and dug a second one almost out!

Woo! Here's our new brush pile:

Go, hippies, go!

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  1. Stumpy stumpy stumpy.

    We ain't stumped though. Stomp the stumps!