Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to the Commune (V.01)!

Eight people, three apartments, one property: Welcome to the Commune!

Two of us (Jn and Mx) lived in the upstairs apartment of a great duplex. They had parties, they let various friends stay there for various times when needed, and they generally made us all fall in love with the property.

They'd been there for nearly a year when the garage was turned into an apartment and put up for rent. Quick as a bunny (well, two bunnies, one with a bad ankle), Mt and Nk scooped that tiny apartment right up, making the property two-thirds 'ours'. Weekends became party explosions, with our crazy hippie friends hula-hooping, giggling, and camping out at the property.

Fortuitously, and probably due to the vast amount of noise this group makes, the downstairs neighbors abandoned ship. I (Js) wanted in. Rb, ma trustcentric-polyamorous quasi-boyfriend, was also looking for a new place. We made the necessary arrangements and were here in a heartbeat.

This was followed by Al, ma psuedo-roomate before the move, and Kv, a sometimes squatter at the duplex already, moving in to the upstairs and garage, respectively.

This leaves us where we started... eight goofballs, three apartments, one property... and a sitcom waiting to happen.

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