Friday, March 27, 2009

Seedlings in the oven... so to speak

Last Monday, seeds were sown. Seeds of wonder and terror... or vegetables; I don't really know which because I mixed up the bags. Either way, something is growing in Rb and I's kitchen.

We have seeds aplenty and dozens of starter pellets, but only two 'greenhouse dome' trays. So we'll get these started and go (grow?) from there.

Our seeds are mostly Seeds of Change brand, although we have a few Botanical Interests, as well.

In the small black tray, we have 4 Long Island Brussel Sprouts, 3 Mammoth Dill, 3 Arkansas Traveler Tomato, and 2 Brandywine Tomato pellets cooking.

In the larger tray, we have 6 Mideast Prolific Cucumber, 6 Provider Snap Bush Bean, 4 Chadwick Cherry Tomato, 4 Cal Wonder Orange Bell Pepper, and 4 Nardello Sweet Peppers.

Our hippie communites all want to eat many, many cucumbers, so I'm hoping that this variety is as prolific in the Southwest as the name suggests it is in the Mideast.

But either way, these plants-to-be and our current seedlings should provide nicely for us on this first round of our garden.

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