Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Since this is merely our first go-'round of a commune (and because we don't own the property), we're trying to take the projects slow. That's much harder than it sounds because we are full of ideas, but we know that it's a learning process and we only have so much work and money we are willing to put in (especially given that the property could be sold out from under us at any moment. :eek:)

Though each member of the commune has a different idea of what the finished product should be like, there are some general concepts that get thrown around:

We'd like to:
  • provide most of our own food from our garden (and eventually animals)
  • use solar (and other efficient) power sources
  • live frugally, but also sustainably
  • make room for our multiple projects (everything from making and using hula hoops to building large shade structures and art works for Burn events to refurbishing old furniture to its original (or some other equally awesome) condition
  • and love where we live (not just another rental, but a space that is ours).

Our first step is to start our garden.

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