Friday, March 27, 2009

Gardening: Step 2: Seedlings!

Last Saturday, a handful of us hippies found ourselves wandering around the Texas countryside looking for something to plant.

Here's what we found:

At the Jones' out in Poetry:

(above, from left to right: thai basil, italian basil)

(lime basil, purple beauty bell pepper)

(Serrano pepper, jalapeno heaven, golden summer bell pepper)

(cherokee purple tomato, b-w tomato)

(persimmon tomato, green zebra tomato)

At Classic Gardens in Murphy:

(above, from left to right: Italian oregano, spearmint, stevia)

(hillbilly tomato, red cherry tomato)

(leaf lettuce, bistro salad mix lettuce)

(blushing beauty bell pepper, strawberries)


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