Sunday, March 29, 2009

A productive Sunday!

Today, Rb and I (Js) turned a trip to the Farmer's Market into more plants!

We bought seeds for lettuce, microgreens, cilantro, parsley, and beans. In addition, we bought mint and catnip seedlings/plants.

And when we proudly returned to the commune with our purchases, we found the communites hard at work! (Yup, clearing more stumps.)

After a few hours work today, the stumps are gone! Yay!

Before: :After

Also, the mint seedlings, lettuce seedlings, lettuce seeds (with dill seeds), cilantro seeds, and chard seeds have all been planted into their containers.

The cilantro and lettuce trays are divided into three sections so that we can succession plant them. I'll start new seeds of each every week or two, enabling us to have a continuous supply of lettuce and cilantro. Yum!

Before the end of the night, we'll probably even have some microgreen trays started. Our commune will be swimming in greens if Rb and I have anything to do with it!

The trays for the parsley are ready too, but the seeds need to soak overnight before planting.

Oh... and tiny monster helped too:

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