Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Garden updates... and hippie-hooping

First of all, any of you webophiles out there want to tell me if the stevia is ok?
That's it over there on the left. See how it's leaves are sorta brown and crunch on the outside? Get googling please and tell me how to fix it.

Next up is the happy growers:
The first batch of lettuce is in microgreen stage and looking awesome (and delicious)! And the second batch of lettuce has some tiny little sprouts coming up. Can you see them?

The cilantro and chard are greening up a bit too.
Not many of the cilantro sprouted but there's a nice long row of chard coming out!

Then we have the tomatoes and peppers and herbs. While the marigolds are all spotty and the basils are if-y, the tomatoes and peppers are doing really well overall. I can hardly wait for the fruits of our labor!

The front garden is ready for the plants to go in. We just need to get that done! Right now it just looks like a big pile of dirt.

And here are some bonus pictures of our backyard area:

The compost heap and patio:

And me being a hippie hula hooper. Woo!

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