Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Planting, planting, planting on a beautiful Spring day.

I have been worrying about the tomato seedlings. They were looking healthy but unfortunately they were also starting to get rootbound.

Mt and Kv and I (Js) decided that action needed to be taken. Save at least a few of them!

So today, on a beautiful Spring day, the three of us fixed up the bed (aerate, aerate, compost, aerate, smooth) and then planted the peppers and tomatoes in the east side bed.

They look very happy and we saved at least 14 of those beautiful tomato seedlings. Yay!

Here's what was planted (yellow means 'yet to be planted'):

I also threw the stevia and catnip into pots. Grow, little guys, grow!

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  1. Sing a song

    Dig dig dig, break up the soil
    plant plant plant, grow grow grow