Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greens, more greens, even MORE greens, and a flower.


Our lettuce bucket must be the happiest lettuce bucket in all of Texas!
The first sown seeds are reaching baby greens phase soon and the second sown seeds are nearly microgreens. Soon, it will be time to take out the transplanted greens (and eat them) to make room for the third set of seeds.

More greens:

Just because we can't get enough of this new yumminess, Jn and I decided to try our hands at microgreening. He made a tray of lettuce, I made one with lettuce, radish, and cilantro, and I also created one for my mom (who Rb and I'll be visiting next weekend!) with radish and lettuce.

Even MORE greens:

And just because Jn can't be stopped and we all want tons of lettuce (can you have to much? we're going to find out!), he planted 2, yes 2, more lettuce beds.


And, happy news, one of our pepper plants has produced this cute little flower. I believe it's the blushing beauty (but am too lazy to go look). No matter which it is, that will be a very exciting fruit to pick!

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