Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Front Garden, say what?

Today I came downstairs to find this:

What are you hippies doing?! What do you mean the front garden is FINALLY ready to plant? It's a Wednesday afternoon!
Wait! You want to plant it NOW!

Well... okie:

Jn planted the snap beans (several babies and some seeds) across the middle:

Nk planted the cukes, along the back edge of the garden (again one plant and several seeds):

Kv planted the Brussel sprouts (one tiny plant and several seeds) in the front of the garden:

And the long awaited front garden is finished with the first round of it's planting. There is still plenty of room for succession later in the season though. It's hard to tell anything's been done, except for the fact that Mx is there celebrating with the brown bag special.

I'm so proud of the hard work that gets done around this place.
The guys even cleaned up the tools! Way to go, not-as-lazy-as-me hippies!

The gardening isn't all just fun and games though... sometimes it's delicious too!

Rb and I had some freshly picked microgreens (lettuce and arugula) with our dinner last night. (If you can't tell, that's grapefruit, baked chicken, and the mixed microgreens. Perfect!)


  1. Oh I'm lazy alright.

    I just dig because I like doing it more than going to the gym.

    And I need to fit into my prom dress again :-*

  2. I never had a prom dress... ;)

  3. The above post... totally not from Jonathan. I was just using his computer. :D