Thursday, April 2, 2009

A news crew? At the Commune? Uh-oh.

That's right, everyone! A news crew came today to check out the humble beginnings of our little homestead. (Well, not quite a news crew, but a reporter and a photographer from The UTD Mercury.)

*Apparently*, Mt's been flaunting our immense amount of coolness around campus. I'm sure it went a little something like this: Doo doo doo. I'm so freaking cool because I am a part of the bestest commune around. Doo doo. Doo!

Whether that's the way it went or not, today I spent half an hour chatting with the intrepid reporters and showing them around the place. After showing them around and trying to act natural in pictures, I really have no idea what they thought of us... or what the article will say. But when the article comes out, I'll post it!

(PS Mt keeps running past my windows... and he's barefoot. I see you, Mt... you hippie.)

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