Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update: Around the Commune

Not too much going on.

Several of us dirty hippies are preparing for Flipside (a regional Burning Man event). We went from having a bunch of boards in the backyard to having a shade structure skeleton! Very important in Tx in May. We're also working on wine-shooting AKs, an obstacle course, a bar, and hula hoops. 33 days left... not much time.

In other news, we gained control of the shed in the backyard. The owner of the house had been storing some stuff in there and we were locked out. But he came by picked up his stuff and allowed us to have the extra storage room. Result! This has allowed Rb and I's porch to be cleared off (mostly) and some extra space in each apartment.

Now we have 4 runners in our commune of 8, 3 of whom are barefoot. We also have 3 bikes and have been using them a lot! (Mostly to go buy ice cream and look at comic books, but still...)

So that's what's been going on around the commune.

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